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      HI guys,

      just a quickie, but hopefully a fruitfull one.

      I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160 P6S bruner in my PC.

      I have been having problems getting it to Burn discs that are compatable with most Setop DVD player.

      Someone said that it is a case of Trial and Error to get the Right Disc / Burner combo, which sounds plausable to me.

      So, my question is, has anyone got the same Burner as me, or even another Lite-On, and what Discs do you find you have most sucsess with. I have been told to use Verbatim -R discs.

      Thanks in advance,


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      Ey up mate,

      cheers for your reply, thats good to know.

      My problem is that even though the discs I burn do play on all these cheap players everyone has nowadays, they dont play on two of my friends players which will play discs that have been burned by other people.

      The discs that have been burned by other people are all -R, which is what i have used.

      So far the only thing i have got to play on one of the players is a -RW, which my player and most other would not even recognise.

      This is driving me nuts.



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