would magnet interfere with camcorder?

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      I have a Canon Vixia HF200 that I want to mount behind the players bench to record hockey games. Every rink we play at has a steel support beam going vertically that would be ideal to hold the camcorder high enough if I can find a way to have it held in place. I can make a box to hold/protect the camcorder but need something to hold that.
      I was thinking C-clamps to attach to the beam but not sure if that will stay tight throughout the game and have enough grip. Might use vices but was wondering if a strong magnet would interfere with the camera’s recording, and have enough strength?

      I’m likely overlooking something even simpler so any suggestions are welcomed. A tripod wouldn’t work as there is little room for the coaches to walk and could easily knock that over.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Degausing tapes as they record would indeed have an interesting effect.

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      as this is a flash memory camera, i don’t think you would have an issue with the magnet until it doesn’t have enough strength to keep that camera up, or someone knocks it down…. I say invest in a cheap monopod and mount that.


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