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      Hello, my name is Tammi and I got into this by a few years ago when were moving from Fl to Tn, and I had 18 years of home movies to put on dvd. So I was going to take them to wal-greens, but it was very expensive. I had movies on vhs, vhs-C, little dvd’s and dv, wow, so I bought a dvd burner to hook up to the tv, when they first came out, and realized the videos were still going to suck. So I had a dell laptop, used Muvee and started editing all those years of incredibly boring home movies. Muvee got boring, So I used Ulead, Adobe Elements and my favorite is pinnacle studio. So, since I was enjoying all the editing, I started giving away gift dvd’s of sporting things I taped, and then people really liked them, so I started to get hired to do cheer comp, recitals, etc. My real dream is horse shows, I have had my farm for the past 12 years, and now getting a divorce, and would like to travel around to the horse shows and I guess, video on spec. I thought of a name Unbridled Videography. I also would like to do school events, I have no interest in weddings.

      So enough about my history, The only camera I have is a sony hdr sr12, just a small one. I would like to look more professional, what would be a good starting camera and accessories, I would also like to do the instant dvd’s at shows, any info you would have for a newbie would be great!!

      Does anyone use casablanca systems or applied magic?

      Thanks so much


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      I have a Casablanca and a Applied Magic/Screenplay system that I still use from time-to-time. In fact, I am getting ready to put my ScreenPlay unit on the market as I will be upgrading my main editing system – Mac with Final Cut Pro.

      If you are interested in the Screenplay/Applied Magic system, drop me a note at echessher@hotmail.com or message me, or post here.

      I also currently use Canon XL1 and GL2 cameras but will soon be upgrading to Panasonic AG-HMC150 cameras. I have used the Canon cameras for school events and more. I have a number of market-related posts regarding school peformances, dances, youth sports, and yes even “working on spec” on my blog at http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com

      I will soon also be offering one Canon XL 1 and one Canon GL 2 for sale, proceeds to go toward purchase of the Panasonic camera SDHC recordable units.

      Regarding production of video DVD on demand/instant, one of my blog articles also has information regarding an individual who has been VERY successful doing just that, on spec, at major school events and competitions. Check it out at http://www.videouniversity.com/eventvid.shtml the guy’s name is Bob Anderson, and the information he is offering is good, and valid.

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