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      Hey hey! I am using 853 x 480 video and i cant seem to figure out a way to set up my project to edit in that resolution. Of course i can go 720 x 480 but i don’t want the black bars. Any help would be great. Thanks!

      Using Final cut express by the way.

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      The video card resolution you listed is somewhat of a strict figure when working with video. If the project aspect ratio is set to 4:3, the preview resolution may be equivelant to 720×540 in order to match the ratio exactly – something I’ve seen happen with my editing software, Cyberlink PowerDirector. Camcorder Video thatmatches the 853×480 resolutionvirtually doesn’t exist as far as I know. If it does, your editing software will strictly forbid it, converting it to 720×480. Screen capturing softwareis one exception that I can think of. If you captured DV via FireWire, you’ve probably had experience with dropping frames or possibly single fields (every other line that makes up half of the frame). With interlaced video, two fields create a frame.

      Have you checked any possible “Drop Indicator” (amount of information dropped) during the capture process? This also might be a problem with your camcorder. Does it play fine on TV?

      I’d also consider upgrading your graphics card. 1024×768 is currently the average computer resolution of today, so you probably won’t need to rack up a lot of cash for a higher-end graphics card directly up from your level.

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      I also use that 853X480 format which is the actual 16:9. I set my project to ”NTSC anamorphic” before I import and everything stays in that format even when I export to Quicktime.

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      Is this resolution actually take part in recording with camcorders, or is thisa onlyresolution that computers and/or other digital devices utilize? Just wondering… because I have never heard of it.

      A standard-def camcorder (720×480) uses the same resolution for both 4:3 and 16:9 modes. There might be an exception to thiswith some camcorder brands. A pixel usually isn’t square, at least not how it is displayed on most monitors. Each pixel is more broader and rectangular on a 16:9 video display.

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