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      I am in Europe, and I am preparing to shoot a commercial for a local business. I am new to FCP, but I want to shoot in HDV and downrez it to PAL, but whenever I try converting HDV to a 4:3 aspect, it squishes the shot. How do you get it to crop the edges when converting? Also, when I am making DVDs for the clients, does the content need to be in PAL, or do DVD players over here work with HDV?

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      What you should do is editing with an HDV timeline. When you’re done editing, make a new sequence in your browser window and set up that sequence for your PAL settings. Drag the icon for your HDV sequence in your Browser window to your PAL timeline. (This is called “Nesting.” Nesting is dropping a sequence into another sequence).

      And yes, your DVD content needs to be PAL if you’re in Europe.

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