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      Unless your ambition as a filmmaker is nothing more than shooting small personal videos, eventually you will will end up working with others on a crew. Just from the role of ‘Director of Photography’ your responsibility will be to get the actual ‘look’ of the project on to tape. If you are not also the Director of the film, then you will have the added responsibility of getting the director’s ‘vision’ with your creative ability as well.

      Working with a director on a zero to multi-million dollar project can be a blessing or a curse (sometimes both) depending on the relationship you develop with your director. We’ve all heard of the tempermental director, but I’ve run into to some ‘bratty’ DP’s as well. Put either or both into the mix and that whole ‘curse’ thing comes into play.

      In Steve Weiss’ “FilmFellas” latest discussion this very topic is discussed by professional DP’s from the corporate-industrial video to Hollywood film production industry. Though this is intended for intermediate or higher level filmmakers, beginners can learn from these discussions as well. Lots of beginner projects never got shot because of creative differences between budding directors and dp’s too!

      FilmFellas – webisode 27 from Zacuto USA, Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

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