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      Hi guys, I am using footage from some tapes digitised in the DVD MPEG2 format. Each tape is full length and a gig or two in size. When I put them into the project, they take up stupid amounts of room on my hard drive and basically cripple my system! My computer specs can easily manage everything, but I simply run out of space on my hard drive. I have tried reducing the page file etc. but making room is no longer an option.

      I was thinking to basically cut the clips I need and export them as new, more managable files I can throw back in the project, but I heard this will add more compression (as I’m exporting more than once) and reduce the overall quality? Other than getting a larger hard drive, or re-digitising my tapes for selected bits, I’m not sure what the best options are. Can you guys give me some suggestions or educate me a bit if I’m missing something? Cheers!

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      Just to be clear, what size drive are we talking about and do you have a second for a scratch drive?

      I’m using CS5 on windows 7 with a 1tb system drive and a 1tb scratch drive. I export finished projects via Esata to an external and haven’t had the issues you are having, so I’m thinking some compatability issue or settings issue.

      In CS5 you can export based on the original file to preserve as much as possible. I’ve only messed with it a little but didn’t see any real crunch in quality, I’m sure there is some but it wasn’t enough to make me treat my keyboard like a red headded step child.

      Just what are your system spec’s?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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