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      I just recently bought a Panasonic AG-HMC80 and was excited to try it out. I went outside and started to shoot and the lens started to fog over. So I cleaned it off and sure enough it just fogged over once again. Thankfully I was just shooting my family having fun, but what would I do if this was a gig? My question is how to prevent this from happening.

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      Try giving it time to acclimate to your environment. Most condensing occurs when warm moist air comes in contact with a cool/cold surface. This is why a glass of ice tea “sweats” in the summer time.

      It sounds like you just got it out of the shipping box and started trying it out. If it was cold to the touch, there is where your problem is. The lens was cool enough to have this happen to it. Let it warm up to your “room” temperature before you use it in the future.

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      Crafters Of Light is correct, nlewis, you need to let your camera adjust to the environment. When we were shooting news in the snow, we’d take our camera out first and let it sit while we we set up the rest of our gear. Extreme weather can really cause problems for cameras. There are a few other things you can do. To protect them from extreme conditions while they were sitting in our car, we also used to keep our cameras in ice chests with silica bead bags.

      this forums post was discussing this issue a year ago, it might offer some assistance:

      And here’s a shooting in various weather conditions that might help you, too:

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      Thank you Jennifer and Crafters of Light will do, and yes it was in a cool room and then I took it outside in the heat. It eventually cleared in time like you said it would Crafters, but Jennifer’s response was more towards my main concern and I appreciate the advice.

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