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      I’m just getting my feet wet with HD and Premiere Pro CS4. I’m working on a variety of tutorials, books etc. and am getting comfortable with everything but I do have a general Project setup/workflow question that I don’t think is going to be addressed in any of the material I’m currently looking at. Any input/advice would be appreciated.

      I have a Canon HFS100 which is my primary camera but also have two secondary HD bullet cams recording in 720p. I shoot outdoor films from a sea-kayak. My questions is what is the most effective way to setup and edit a project involving cameras with different HD resolutions? The majority of my clips will end up on the web at 720 but how knows one day I might want to burn to higher resolution for a DVD.

      Thoughts, suggestions?

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      I use CS3, so I hope this applies, but generally speaking you would open a new project in the format of your smallest signal. If the files I’m using are going to DVD I open a project in DV-NTSC-Widescreen 48KHz. I mix two HDV with one SD w/o problems doing that. I either rescale the HDV (68% I think) or leave it at 100% and pan and zoom.

      For non DVD I usually don’t use my SD camera and open a project as HDV720p30 I can rescale 48% or pan and zoom at 100%.

      How you render any project doesn’t affect your captured files so you can use them in another project either higher or lower. However, if you are going to do a lot of editing than it would be a shame to start all over. In that case, start high and render low using the media encoder – and keep and eye on the output tab in the encoder.

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      Ok. That makes perfect sense. I wasn’t sure if the practice was to create different sequences with different settings etc. but am relieved to hear the the more simple route is the way to go.

      Thanks for your advice!

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      One thing to note is that in Premiere Pro CS3 format settings are project based while in CS4 they are sequence based.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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