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      I have filmed a musical about 2 hours long. Also filmed rehearsal and other bits giving about 10 tapes. I used two hd cameras on the opening night. Could anyone tell me can I place this all this on one timeline, should I use a sequence for each song to avoid crashing. An earlier simular project kept on crashing all the time. Please a simple workflow.

      thanks Peter

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      you should be able to put it all on one timeline. that’s usually how editing works.

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      If nothing more than to keep your sanity as an editor, try working on your sequences individually. When the time comes to put them all together, it will be a lot easier to make decisions on what goes where. What OS, NLE program and system capacity are you using BTW? This sounds like more of an issue in that area than just whether you have too much footage on the timeline.

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      I’ll second composite1 – crashing is more likely to be a case of having insufficient resources (usually memory) than of how videos are organized onto sequences.

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