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      Hi All,

      I am looking for some advice on not only organizing my project files but also making sure I have everything backed up in the most efficient manner possible. Right now I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and I have two Hard-drives (500GB) and an external Hard-drive (1TB). I have had to reformat often due to Hard-drive failures and corrupt Windows OS.

      I would love to know what everyone does to keep their files backed up and organized so that reformatting the Hard-drive that contains the operating system is as quick and painless as possible. How am I able to easily “re-link” assets and find projects? My situation doesn’t seem that complicated, but please be as specific as possible with your response. Thank you for your time and advice!


      P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, sorry!

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      Put all your OS and software on one hard drive.

      Put all your data (project files, music, video, photos, etc.) on AT LEAST one other hard drive. I put music and photos on one, and video on another one.

      Back up all the data (but not OS files) to the external on a regular basis. You can simply copy and paste. I wrote a simple batch file that runs daily and backs up; that verifies the file attributes as it copies them to make sure it’s correct. Google XCOPY to see more about that, or ask me any questions.

      I swap out my backup drive once a month and store one in a safe deposit box in case of fire, etc. I figure that if I lose my home backup AND the safe deposit copy, I’ve got bigger things to worry about…

      I’m anxious to see what others do, so please don’t let me deter others from joining in on this thread.

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      Thanks for your input! Along these same lines, let’s say that the main HD fails and you have to reformat. From a fresh install, you load Adobe CS4 back on. Specifically, how does one go about pulling back into Premiere the project files and assets? How should these be saved on the secondary HD? Would I simply go to open a project, browse to the project file and it will all come together? Or do I have to individually pull in the assets again?

      Also, let’s say I have saved many versions / cuts as I’ve worked on it. Does anyone have a good naming system that they use? Such as “Rough Cut 1A Film Festival Project” etc…? I always seem to end up with names like “FINAL FINAL USE THIS, THIS IS GOLD COPY” or something similarly absurd. Hah.

      Thank you!


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      When you save in Adobe, or any software, really, just save it on the data drive. For example, I have a folder for Adobe, with subfolders for Premiere, Photoshop, Flash, etc. I save the project files in there. If I reformated and opened up one of those project files, it would automatically open all the related files and restore all my edits, as long as the data drives and folders are the same. You wouldn’t change folders, but just make sure the drive letters haven’t changed, either. If they do, you can either change the drive letters back through Manage in My Computer or you can “lead the way” for Adobe on each clip to find it. The latter is kind of a pain.

      I’ve actually done it–I had to reformat once because some free software I downloaded screwed up my codecs. After hours of trying to fix it, I realized it was just easier to reformat.

      As for file names, I like the “double FINAL” name, and I’ve seen those, too. It seems like there was a Videomaker article on naming files.I could not locate it on this site, but I might not be typing in the right keywords. Closest I could find was this: (which is still a good read but not what you’re looking for exactly).

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      I did the external drive backup for a long time and still do but no longer take the drives offsite. I use an online based backup that continuously backs up any drive (and/or folder(s)) you choose. I won’t mention the name here because I am not advertising for them but I have used it successfully for 2 years now. If the entire machine dies, or worse, you can simply restore all files to another computer. They recently even added remote access to the files (since they are backed up continuously) it is like having remote access to your primary computer.

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      As far as naming the project files, I start my first save with Project_0001. this after i pull in all the resources, clips, audio, etc., I think I am going to need.After that each editing session becomes the next in sequence _0002, _0003, etc.When I get to the point where I think I am done I will save it as the next record number as well as to a Final Version sub-folder under the project folder with Project_YYMMDD (year, month, day) this becomes a golden file and I do not touch it again until I render it to playablefile or DVD.

      I letthat sit for a while (a few days at least)and come back to review it with “fresher eyes”. I know the last file in both folders are the same so if more edits are required I open the last _00XX file edit and save as next _00xx and a copy to theFinal Version sub-folder.

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      I name my files “V1 Name of Project” V standing for version. I keep adding files and the final project I also like naming it “FINAL NAME OF PROJECT” in capital letter so I can differentiated it from the others quickly. I back up my projects along with all the media (videos, songs, pictures) in one folder on a external hard drive (usually copy-paste the project folder from the computer hard drive to the external). I make sure I have all the media in the project folder (even if I have to duplicate the media files) then I delete everything from my computer hard drive and spend some time telling Premiere were are the new files located. When I need to see the project again I open it directly from the external hard drive.

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