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      Okay, so here is my problem.

      When I test my DVD within DVD studio, everything is fine.

      When I put my DVD in a real DVD player, the functions seem off.

      To get this out of the way, I test in multiple DVD players include my MAC DVD player.

      If I am skipping throught the chapters on a video using my remote, when I get to the end of the video clip and I hit the chapter button again, it takes my to another random video clip.

      I can’t figure out how to stop this. What I’d like is either have the chapter button take me back to the menu screen, or have it go directly to a video clip of my choosing. I can’t find a function for this though.

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      Is it possible to get a screenshot of your flowchart with the properties of the last clip as it lays in the timeline.

      Or if you just send me the dvd studio project, I can take a look at it…I won’t need the media, just the small project file to check the link properties.

      It just seems as though you’re not setting the end action of that last clip in the timeline, but I also know DVD studiocan freak out and do random things…sometimes it is necessary to use a script as a workaround.


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      Where do I need to send the files? Any help would be appreciated.

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      I will pm you the address…

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