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I'll try this again... for some reason my last post didn't get through.

OK... I am planning on broadcasting/streaming live high school sporting events next year.  I am essentially a one man show with student volunteers as helpers.  Because I don't work directly with students (although I work for a large school corporation) it is hard for me to get volunteers as needed.  I have done live sports before, and one of the biggest pains is set up and take down. Running wires half the length of a football field every Friday night doesn't grab me as fun. 

Can anybody suggest some wireless video options?  I know it's expensive, but I have a pretty decent budget.  Must have zero latency, and audio is a plus but not mandatory.  I will be plugging the cameras into a Tricaster, and have that ready to go... a pretty nice set up, actually.

Thanks for any help!

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Search B&H for "wireless video transmission." You'll find quite a bit of gear there.

I suggest you call B&H and talk to some of their very knowledgeable people for advice regarding which unit to purchase for your application.


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Thanks Jack.  That's exactly why I came here... because there was SO much on B&H.  I'll give them a call.

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Let us know what you decide on... I'm also looking for a RELIABLE Wireless Video Transmission system without having to fork out 40-50K$...

2-5k$ would make me very happy.