Wireless or Wired?

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      I will be making my first documentary. I have produced 2 videos, both of which used voice-over narration, and therefore were recorded with hand-held mic.
      This documentary is my own project, and will be produced with my own budget, which is slim.
      I can buy a wireless mic, but will have to stay under $150, but I am not sure if I want to invest that in a mic that I really wish was better quality. I have an omni-directional, dynamic mic that I own. However, my footage will consist of interviews and speakers in front of a crowd. So, obviously a wireless mic would be preffered.

      My question is: what is the best choice of these non-ideal choices:
      -Buy and use a cheap wireless mic?
      -Make do with the dynamic mic (which may not be feasible for the presentation speakers)
      -or, Make do with the camera mic?

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