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      I have been looking around for a portable wireless videotransmitter system. I just want to be able to see what my other cameraoperatoris shooting while doing a wedding. I came across this site http://www.dslrwirelessmonitors.com, Just wanted to get some people input on this product.

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      Looks like an interesting piece of gear. How do you plan on using this at at wedding? It looks like you’ll need a separate receiver for each camera. Will you be set up as a director, running your various cameras through a switcher, with you sitting at master control?

      There are two negative aspects of this unit: its range is extremely limited — 15-60 feet — and according to its manufacturer it operates in a frequency range that is subject to a great deal of interference. Curiously, the manufacturer doesn’t specify what that frequency range is.


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      Just read the device information. Well the good thing with the maker was he did listed disclaimers regarding his device. Since this is a new device and made at home, it is normal for it to have product issues like the interference. Well, all wireless devices are subject to interference. I also think the 15-60feet range is okay for a DIY device. Anyway, you can try the device personally since:If youre not happy after ten days, Ill refund your purchase.

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