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      Hi All!

      I am a novice to recording video and I have been recording on my Kodak Zi8 using an Azden WM Pro Wireless mic setup. It runs on 9V batteries, and it seems I start to get bad interference after only about an hour to 90 minutes of usage. I am using 1200 volt work lights to light my set (I told you I was a novice) and I thought originally they were causing the interference, but when I change the battery, the interference goes away, which leads me to believe it’s battery life.

      Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Is a short battery life typical? The product specs say 8 hours of life, and the lights still come on when I use the old batteries, but that interference just won’t quit. I tried changing channels, and not using the lights, and the same problem persists.


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      We use both AudioTechnica and Shure wireless microphones and have never had this problem. Typically when a battery runs out the mic simply stops working. One second it’s on, the next it’s off. We usually change batteries after 4 hours of shooting but I suspect we could get more out of them if we wanted to take the risk.

      It sounds like perhaps there’s something else going on with your mics to cause the interference. Contact Azden tech support and see if they have any suggestions.


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      Thanks Jack. I will.

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      Do you have tools to measure the battery voltage? I’d suggest make sure you have brand new far from expiration date batteries. The voltage should be at 9.2 – 9.4V. What is the voltage after an hour, or at the time of interference. Although I don’t believe battery may cause the problem, I’d still rule it out first. Try different batteries. If the voltage drops down to 8.5V or so within an hour, than you may have short circuit problem in your transmitter.

      From personal experience – I had similar problem with Lectrosonics 195. During routine daily stand-up shoot in approximately the same area of the city I was getting hits/bursts in my audio (at approximately same time, thatoccurredto me later). I sent it for check-and-repair twice, but the trouble persisted. It was total mystery to me until I played the audio to my friend and engineer. He happened to be very talented, smart guy with the knowledge of surroundings, and suggested that the interference resulted from the daily microwave feed done by one of the businesses across the street at around the same time we were shooting our stand-ups. So I guess that’s what it was. We tried to avoid that same time slot, and it worked! Go figure.

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