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      I am currently using several sets of Samson wireless mics(uhf). I am not thats impressed with the sound quality although they have performed well. I ust think there is better without spending an arm and a leg. I am particularly interested in the Sennhieser g2. Will I see much of difference in the quality of audio produced? Thanks.

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      Samson is a low end product, Sennhieser is a med grade product, so yes you will see a good improvment. you may also conciter buying a countryman mic to improve the quality, it will work with your Samson transmitter and with other tramsmitters when you later upgrade, although you may need a adpater later depending on what you buy.

      Also what type of recording are you doing? is it field, studio, is it news interview style? I would not use a wireless unless you have to, wired mics always sound better then a wireless.

      Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the replies. I produce an outdoors tv show. Lots of my audio is literaly field audio, however, we do lots of interviews to tie the content together. Bad audio really bugs me. We get very acceptable audio with the samsons, but its not perfect and we really have to monitor it because its really easy to get bad audio with these sets. We’ve had to redo several shoots. Also, they run on 9V and burn out a battery in a few hours. I inherited these units with some of the equipment we purchased.

      How much will the countryman mics cost and where can i get them? B&H? Thanks again.

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      How do the Azden’s compare to the Sennheisers?

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      B&H does have countrymen mics but they are expencive, try http://www.Sweetwater.com they do not deal with video but has some of the best prices on audio, and a second to none customer support.

      ok ignore me, I just realized that countryman does not make lapels, only those almost invisable head mics.

      but sweetwater still is the best place to get audio gear

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      Actually, I find that the best place to get audio, and they offer video too is http://www.springtree.net

      They offer everything WAY below dealer cost. They have special contracts with vendors. I worked there years ago, and I still getall of my audio equipment through them. Ask for Jade.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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