wireless handheld for my vx 2100

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      I’m starting out and am going to be doing alot of interviews with the public, inside and outside. Have to start out cheap unfortunately and am looking at the Azden wms-pro wireless handheld.

      Anything similar/better in quality for around the price? Will upgrade in a few month to a better system.


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      First, how are you going to do the interviews? Are you going to do it like you see on the news? If so, then yes, use a wireless handheld mic.

      If you are going to interview someone and have the interviewer off camera, then Irecommendbuying a shotgun mic instead. Not only can that be cheaper, it’s ugly when someone is being interviewed and you see a handheld mic at the bottom of the screen, but never the interviewer. At least, that’s my opinion. Depends what you’re going for, of course.

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      yeah, like a typical news interview, handheld will be needed.

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      hmm. Well I checked the price of the model you named above. Unfortunately, in that price range your wireless equipment will probably just annoy you. I think you would be better off getting a 10-15 foot XLR cable and using that to connect a handheld mic to your camera.

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      However I own two of them (each with a lav & handheld mic) and have experienced nothing but practically perfect productions when using it with my VX2100, or any of my other camcorders. I’ve used the mics in a variety of productions at a variety of locations. My experience with far more expensive wireless mics has proven to me that they provide options I don’t need. To start with, other mics are XLR for no real reason (except convention,) so they require a conversion from a balanced to an unbalanced input. The other compromise for cost is the limit of only two VHF channels. Should I ever run into interference, I’d be screwed (if I didn’t always plan for disasters.)

      Do not consider running a mic line to your handheld unless you have someone to stop people from walking between the camera & the talent. For all the years I’ve been doing this, if it is possible for someone to walk between the camera & the talent, someone will do it. And while they do it, they pay no attention to the ground and will trip on the mic line if that’s possible. But so long as I’m at the camera, I have had success with putting the talent 6′ away while using an 8′ mic cord (so it actually hangs two feet from the ground.)

      Good luck with your production and have some fun.

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      Thanks Rob and Barefoot for your help,

      I’m giving the pro a try.

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      For outdoor standup interviews such asconcerts and festivals I use a wireless lapel mic for the interviewer and a wireless handheld mic for guest.Outdoor events usually have a lot of background noise andthe wireless mic picks up the interview voicesclearly while leaving most of the background sounds out. Shotgunmics work well if the background soundis important to your interview. If its a studio interview I use lapel mics all around. That will eliminate most of the echos.

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