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      Has anyone seen a battery operated transmitter and reciver for use on cam. I’m looking for a 1 channel reciver for the cam and on the other end i’m looking for a battery operated transmitter with a XLR and 1/4″ input that has a built in brick wall limiter.

      Why, some events i’ve been to has a media box pluged into venue mixer, from there i can connect my transmitter and feed audio direct from the mixer. the reason i want it battery powered is becase i can not always depend on power, but i can work around that. I do however need a brick wall limiter in place, not all media boxes have them.

      any ideas

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      Check out MarkerTek – they have an extensive inventory of video production related equipment and supplies. Sorry, I don’t have any personal experience or knowledge regarding wireless transmission options that include video and audio, other than the Samson and Azden wireless systems I use for audio acquisition.

      B&H Photo Video also has an extensive line of equipment – perhaps their web site will give you some ideas.

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      it won’t be for both, just audio to my cam. Ill shoot my on video at the event I just want the audio coming direct from the stage post mix.

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