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      Anyone using some gear for sony fx1 or other camcorder to shoot directly to internet via wireless connections.

      I think I have seen some gear by panasonic cant remember if it was comaptible with any camcoder

      Please let me know any experince.


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      your question is a little vague….

      but here’s an attempt:

      I broadcast events on occasion with my macbook and quicktime broadcaster.


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      Thank you for your reply.

      here is what I would like to be able to do. Shoot direct through wireless connections to a web page on my site. So what I need are which componets to hook up to this. Starting from my Sony would I connect using s-video out to laptop that links with wireless network out to the internet?

      Any help would be great. It just seems that someone would have created a wiless device that attaches to the camcoder and transmitts wireless to the internet.


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      Basically what I do is connect my camera with RCA chords to a capture device that has a USB connector to a laptopthat has a wireless connection. You can pick these up atany PC store for around$50.You want to make sure that your upload speed is adequate enough to handle your video. Also keep in mind the resolution of the video.I generally do a 320×240 at282K.I make sure my upload speedis over 400K.It provides a decent enough video that the end user can easily view without distortion or having to wait on the buffer.

      Hope this helps.

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      sony camcorder-firewire cable-mac.

      quicktime broadcaster, or evo-cam.

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      Thanks Guys

      The only equation missing from yours for me DOn is the mac.

      Also DOn I like the quicktime Broadcasting software I wish I could use it on a PC the expense of a mac seems high for me right now. I understand that it can handle H.264

      Thanks for the input goldenoak.

      Pinnacle has such a device Im goin to see if this works.

      What software are you using to keep the 320×240 stream. The sony fx1 has no control on the video size,unless Im missing it.

      keep you guys updated


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