Windscreens or ferrets?

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      Need advice regarding windscreens for my mikes. I mentioned these ?s in another posting, but thought I bring it up specifically and describe my situation.

      I will be shooting interior interviews with Sennheiser lav. It only came with a metal mesh ‘helmet’ (that I can’t manage to squeeze onto the mike – guess I’ll have to read the desructions.)

      Do I need some of those little foam covers to prevent clothing noise?

      Secondly, do I need a ferret for my shotgun? How hairy? I shouldn’t be getting too much wind in the rainforest, but it is damp. The shotgun sticks out from the rain cover when it is camera mounted, and I doubt a hairy ferret will fit through the sleeve. I also use the shotgun off camera. I want to avoid extra expense and having a hairy wet beast in my kit.

      (Thanks in advance – I should get back to chores. My dog killed a skunk in the backyard before trotting back into the house. Talk about smelly, hairy beasts! Gotta clean the whole house before the neighbors think I’m smoking pot. Poor skunk. Poor me. Sometimes life stinks.)

      P.S. – This is the second time I’ve tried to post this. Must have hit the wrong key last time. I hope it doesn’t show up twice, or in the wrong forum. Maybe I should give up hope about retraining myself.

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      I’d try using an unlubricated condom on the mike, under the ferrit

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      Thanks again for good advice Avatar. You seem to know what you’re talking about, so I gotta ask

      Lambskin or synthetic? I don’t want to muff this job.

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