Windows XP SP2 changes Photoshop

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      I ran across this problem and I was wondering if others had seen it and how to solve it.
      I often use Photoshop to import still images from a firewire connected camcorder to use in stop motion animation.
      Normally, the still images are captured at the same size as the camcorder creates, in my case 720 x 576 pixels at 72 dpi (PAL). This has always worked fine in Photoshop 7 and CS.
      Now since I upgraded to win xp service pack 2, the same camcorder and computer are producing images that are 1/4 size, that is 360 x 288 pixels at 72 dpi. It happens with either Photoshop 7 or Photoshop CS if the system is on win xp sp2.
      Is this a problem with how Photoshop and win xp sp2 work together, or am I setting something wrong?
      I can’t see any preference options that would affect this that I can change. I’m not sure where to look for options of this in win xp.
      The same camcorder continues to work as expected when I do the still image captures on another computer at work that runs win xp sp1.
      Can anyone please advise me on what may be going on here and how to solve the problem?
      Thanks a lot for any help.

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      I did hear about that, although I haven’t experienced it (I use elements).

      I googled “sp2 photoshop fix” and nothing came up except for keygen/crack sites… nothing I can do. I would uninstall SP2. Everything it comes for can be accomplished through 3rd party programs, such as Ad-Aware, Mozilla Firefox, etc.


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      Thanks, Comitar, unfortunately, my Avid XP Pro requires sp2 to run.

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