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      Recently I bought Magix Movie edit pro 12. I install on my desk top that has windows vista 32 bit, starts the application Oki, but after I Installed on my laptop which has windows vista 64 bit and when I start the application it locked up everything is freeze, I retried many times but it keep locked. Message box appears says:

      The color scheme has been changed to windows vista basic running program isn’t compatible with certain visual elements to Windows. click for more information.

      Thank you for help.

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      Sounds like your software is incompatible with 64-bit. Go to the product’s support page and see if you can upload 64-bit supported drivers. Also, go to MS’ Vista support software compatibility page and see if 64-bit Vista will work with the version you’re using. If so, download the drivers and you should be fine. If not, try to run the software in Vista’s compatibility mode at 32-bit. It may or may not work. Getting updated drivers is your best bet.

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