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      When I import an mpeg into Movie Maker, it shows up in the preview player correctly, but the thumbnail shows up flipped down so it’s upside down and backward. It plays fine in the preview window, but when I save the file and play it in Windows Media Player, it is flipped upside down. What can I do to stop this from happening?

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      The best answer I have for you is to purchase video conversion software that can convert MPEG2 to avi format. AVI is the safest format to use with any editing software. MPEG2 is a dangerous format because it’s a pain to work with and could take up your time. I’ve had similar experiences to yours. It’s ot worth working with MPEG2. Unless you can think of something else, get video conversion software.

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      Another idea, that is sort of a pain, is you can use the Mirror Vertical effect to flip the video. In doing so it should flip the outputted video to right-side up. The preview window will probably be upside down because of that, so it might be something you want to do very last after you cut it together so your preview window will be correct.

      I do agree with the video conversion software as the best choice, though. If you can convert to an AVI file (and uncompressed if possible), then you’ll probably have the least headaches.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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