Will this video go viral?

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      Hey ya’ll

      My colleagues and I made this video for our company contest. We shot this with a little Flip video camera in just two days. I think it’s bad enough to make fun of, yet good enough to watch–kind of the viral video sweet spot. Let me know if you think we’ve got a shot and please like it if you think it’s funny.

      The Restricted & Prohibited Items Rap —http://youtu.be/j6vfwDI_kXM

      (Note: My company, Auctiva.com, makes software tools for eBay sellers.)

      Also, if you’re interested in competing in the “open to the public” version of this contest, my company has just opened that contest:http://www.auctiva.com/edu/entry.aspx?id=Auctiva-Kicks-Off-Video-Contest

      Thanks in advance for you input. We’re always looking to improve.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      No. It won’t go viral.

      Not a bad company vid tho, man.

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      Brutally honest. Appreciated.

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      Not that I’d make anything better (though I would’ve slowed down a bit more on the slo-mo shots), but since you asked I assume you want brutal honesty, so here goes:

      I personally wouldn’t have that as a company vid as I don’t think the average Youtube viewer would be willing to watch past the first 10 seconds of it before your company info and message (what you offer) is made apparent to them. Hardcore hiphop fans might be offended too, idk…might be too much cheese and crackers for them, if ya know what I mean lol ;-p

      Considering the average Youtube viewer probably has about the same attention span of a mayfly, much like the average TV viewer these days according to industry research I read some yrs ago, I’d put your actual message+website sooner in the video, possibly as a watermark at bottom from the very beginning .

      That way if you decide to keep the video as-is, the emotional response those first 10-20 seconds (or however long they’ll be willing to watch it for) gives the viewer, whether good or bad, will be made use of because it will stick in their mind (because there will be something to be stuck there associated with the video, rather than just a short piece of video pointlessly stuck in their head they’re trying to forget about…IF they were to find it as such). And since getting your name/website/message to stick in their mind is your goal anyway, either way you win! πŸ™‚

      Hope that wasn’t TOO brutal for ya πŸ˜‰

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      Not at all. These are good points. I’m just really curious to see what people think makes a good viral video.

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      Just wanted to make a point that our target audience is eBay PowerSellers, so while this particular video may not be very broad topically, I think the target audience will enjoy it.

      Here’s an interesting question, I’ve been thinking about this since we made this vid: Can you create a video that is both targeted for a specific niche (like eBay sellers) and still be “viral”? Does “viral” mean that it absolutely has to have a broad appeal (i.e., millions of potential viewers)? I’m on the fence on this.

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      Hi, appreciate your job .. keep it up .. not a bad one .. πŸ™‚

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      I guess if only Ebay folks will see it and you have disabled the comments for the vid on youtube then I guess you’re fine there.

      I’ve seen reports of “viral videos” as soon as they hit the 10,000’s mark, but I don’t know if that’s the magic viral number or not.

      When making your commercials, instead of having the intent to make a commercial disguised as entertainment, maybe start off trying to make entertainment disguised as a commercial. The difference is where your focus is, which affects the entire process from shoot to print/upload.

      Though I would mention something that seems to come up often in
      relatively recent market and consumer psychology research, that people
      don’t like to feel like they’re being sold to in watching a video that’s
      supposed to be entertainment. Entertainment: good. Commercials: bad.
      And especially bad when they feel their intelligence is being insulted
      (which this vid kinda borders on in my own personal opinion, both from a
      consumer standpoint and marketer standpoint…but that’s just my

      The video kinda lags a bit, esp in the beginning. Speed it up a bit, condense as much as possible, plant seeds of curiosity rather than trying to force full information feasts down their throats. Marketing is generally more effective when you ellicit the natural human response of curiosity (especially when combined with use of the word FREE or other attention-grabbers). But if you really want to have a funny video to market, maybe consider hiring an up-and-coming internet comedy writer/blogger to help with a script. Look through as many of the top-viewed comedy videos on youtube as you can. Watch carefully what they say and how they say it, what they do and how they do it. Read between the lines. Look for patterns.

      Also adding some bloopers at the end of the vid would make it more appealing as it shows your not taking yourselves too seriously and rank yourselves among the viewer rather than seeming like your “playing down to their level”

      Oh forgot to mention, your audio seemed a bit out of sync too. πŸ˜‰

      Ok I’ll go away now lol ;-p

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      I think it might do well among ebayers. remember, the ebay commercials were somewhat corny, but memorable. this reminds me of those commercials (in a good way).

      throw it out there, see what people say, and go from there. if it needs changes, make them.

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      Mediathumb, I liked it overall. I can see some of the other posters points- get your logo or address out there early, maybe flashing on and off, ia few timesthrough the length of the video. I think that if the pace of the video was a little faster, it wouldn’t seem to drag and possibly hold on to more viewers longer. I liked the non-star type talent (don’t take it personal)in the video, that seemed to fit the target audience (regular people). Keep shooting.

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      Good feedback.

      That was our aim, to put “normal” people in there. The woman in the video is an actual eBay Power Seller, and she plans to post a link to the video in some of the more popular eBay forums. I think having her in this video will lend some “street cred” to our effort. We’ll see…

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