Will I be able to edit HDV?

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      Hi all,

      I’m planning to buy an HDV camcorder. I really like the Sony HC1E. I’m tired of low quality DV video (800.000) from my samsung…
      But I heard that videoediting requires a good computer, espacially HDV…

      Now my question is will I be able to edit HDV wit my laptop?

      Apple MacBook Pro
      1,83GHz Core Duo
      1,5 GB 667Mhz RAM
      FireWire and USB2,0 ports enough
      and I have Final Cut Pro 5.1.1 running (Universal Binary)

      Should this thing run OK?

      Oh BTW i have a 80gb hardisk and 200gb external hdd

      Thx for sharing your knowledge

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      That system will edit HDV very well. The new Mac Book Pros are very fast and will hanle HDV with ease.

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      😯 REALLY?

      Please keep in mind that I’m not that familar with MAC Books but how can that be good enough when most software vendors are recommending at least 3.0 Mhz or higher with a 1Gb of RAM (minimum) but recommend twin Xeons or duel cores and 2 Gb of RAM? Also don’t you need HDs that spin up to 7200 rpm and rigged as striped RAID’s? Most L-Ts only use 5400 RPM and some are even slower.

      I must be missing something…. which isn’t the first time!

      Is the preformance kind of sluggish when editing or can you run like a big dog? I’m really curious!!!


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      # HDV features require 1GHz or faster processor and 1GB of RAM (2GB recommended)

      This is from the apple site regarding specs for editing HDV.

      The difference between traditional clock speeds (P4, Xeon) and the new core duo procs is their efficiency. A new Core Duo can beat out a dual 3Ghz Xeon or high end AMD. You cannot judge a systems performance on clock speed anymore. Apple and AMD has been trying to beat this misconception for a while AMD does it with their processor nomenclature. Such as a 2.16Ghz Athlon is called a 4000+ meaning it is faster than a 4ghz P4. Its confusing i know.
      As far as disk speed goes with editing HDV the disks dont need to be that fast the data rate is only 18-25 Mbs a second so even a 5400rpm drive will hadle it fine although it is always best to use a dedicated 7200+rpm drive for storing video which it sounds like you have with the 200GB external.
      All this being said a Core Duo will scream while editing HDV.

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      Thanks for the quick update "videolab". I remember reading something about the processor confusion you talked about but I guess was more interested in the RPM speed of the hard drives during capture. Articles I read said that it was a must to have 7200’s and that a RAID 0 setup was highly recommended. It must have been in regards to something else then.


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      Thank you all for the REALLY fast replies. I will now look out for a good HDV Camera. I just can’t find a good price of a Sony HC1E. And I don’t want to buy a HC3E.

      Any good shops to look out? I need a PAL version, and a shop in Europe will be handsome!

      Thanks for the offered help!

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