Will BR-DV3000U deck , Mac G3 and Radius/Digital Origin interface?

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      Hi everybody,

      I am trying to use THE RADIUS/DIGITAL ORIGIN dinosaur software to
      capture video from MINIDV tapes. Im using the BR-3000U deck and a
      MacG3. This is not working. It seems like RADIUS doesnt interface with
      this recording deck. Has any of you successfully used this
      combination before? Do you know if an older version of Final cut pro
      that would work?

      Thanks a lot in advance for any tips.


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      The processing capabilities of the G3 series is pretty limited compared to what’s used in today’s machines and required for today’s software. I don’t know much about the software you’re referring to, but I do know that a LOT has changed in processing power and speed since the G3 Macs, maybe leaving them totally out of the curve for any currently available video editing software applications.

      I’d love to hear from any longtime Mac experts about the potential for G3 use in video editing as well, since I have a retired G3 bondiblue desktop retired to my closet.

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      Thanks a lot for your reply. The Software is from the same time period and interfaced very well with the G3 before I added the BR-3000U video recording deck.

      The G3 is indeed a very slow dinosaur but still in use. Mine is new. I’m trying to see if this combination will work as a donation that I have promised.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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