Wiley’s new music vid produced by US!

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      New Video for Wiley ‘Numbers In Action’ directed and produced by Us (weareus.co.uk): http://youtu.be/CkYJuv82ME0

      Inspired by the stripped back production of the single they created a stripped back performance piece, exposing elements of the music-video making process and keeping a bit of a humorous behind the scenes aesthetic. The video includes a total of 32 Wiley’s throughout (34 if you count Lip-Synch Wiley and Clapper-board Wiley). Described by the grime-don (and current Ustream celebrity) as “the best video I ever done”, Us made full use of Wiley’s charismatic and energetic performance all the while lobbing boxes at his head.

      Story boards and treatment info at: http://www.weareus.co.uk/projects/wiley-numbers-in-action

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      really cool video !

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      very nice.

      Ya know, in 25 years of making music videos, it’s dawned on me I’ve never got to make one to a song I actually like.

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