Widescreen vs. Regular ?

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      Hi all!

      I’m doing my first project for Widescreen video. I’m used to do videos for Standard, but it will be a first for widescreen.

      My question is : Do I need to know anything special about widescreen projects or it’s pretty much the same pattern, same way to set up the project than Standard in terms of resolution of images, videos… ?

      Thnak you very much!

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      I have not added effects of any kind but I do know that basic editing for me was the same if it was standard or wide screen with home movies. But then my camera shoots in both and I am not sure if you are doing the wide screen with the camera or in post. Only thing I can suggest is trying a short series of clips and see what happens. Not much help I know but its the best I can offer right now.

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      Thank you gentlemen!

      My camcorder (Panasonic PV-GS300) DOES record in widescreen mode as well!

      So, that makes things easier, eh ?

      Thank’s again for your inputs!

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