Widescreen monitors to watch 4:3 images

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      How do you get a 16:9 monitor to show 4:3 pictures without the subject looking short and fat and everything stretched out? I had read in a Videomaker article that there was a switch on 16:9 monitors which enabled switching between 16:9 and 4:3,or that the monitor carried a menu in which the same thing could be done. Recently I bought a Samsung Monitor (model : Syncmaster 920LM) and can find neither switch nor anything in the menu which would allow this.Can anybody help?It is well nigh impossible these days to find a flat screen 4:3 monitor.

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      I believe the monitor has tospecificallybe able to show both 16:9 and 4:3. If it doesn’t do both, then you’re stuck.

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      Maybe you can cheat it by setting your timeline in your NLE to edit 16:9, but really edit your 4:3 footage on that timeline. It will have the black wings on the side, but at least it won’t be squashed. Then when you’re all done editing, change the timeline settings back to 4:3. Then export to tape or whatev.

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