Widescreen miniDV??…true?

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      if a miniDV shoots in widescreen what is the actual resolution is it like 640×480 but just reduced the width to around 640×320(just my guess) or is it true 720×480?????….is the resolution cutted or is it like the lens expanded more width-wise (i know not literally expanded) but you know..is the quality reduced if it shoots in widescreen..im not talking about like the GL2 which has the LCD screen in a 4:3 ratio…Im talking about camcorders that have the 16:9 widescreen LCD…is the size of the video made bigger??

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    16x9is true 720 x 480 and the resolution is the same as4:3 720×480.

    These two formats both use rectangular pixels, the only difference is the the 16×9 pixel is wider than it is long and a 4:3 pixel is longer than it is wide.

    Does this help?

    I will try to find an illustration if you need one.

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    I think I understand your question a little better, and yes…footage that would nomally be at the top and bottom of 4:3video would be “cutoff” on 16×9 footage, but the 16×9 footage will have extra video on the sides that would normally be “cutoff” in 4:3 footage…but thay still have the same amount of pixels. One is neither better than the other, it’s just a matter of preference.

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    yeah that helped…

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