Wide Angle Lens???? Need Help!!! Circular Border???

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      Does every wide qangle make like a circular border aound every camcorder…I know with the wide angle lens you get more view, but I feel im actually losing some parts of scenes because I can see the circular border that my wide angle lens makes…I have a 0.45x wide angle lens..

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      because you brought a crappy lens. Seriously. I’m not just trying to be a jerk. To put you into perspective, I had a .3X fisheye lens that was $800. Decent wide angle lenses are about $500-$600 at least.

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      It depends on the format and type of wide angle converter you are using (I’m assuming that you are not meaning a separate true prime lens here – if you are then ignore the rest of this post).

      I have used a .6X WA converter with my SD (at 4:3) camera without a problem. On my HD (at 16:9) camera, it does create a slight fisheye (at the far edges).

      What camera (specifically what aspect ratio) are you using?

      My converter was only $40 on eBay ($100 from Sony) and is a branded Sony adapter but as I said, it is not prime lens but a converter. True lenses are another story.

      You could try a lesser conversion adapter – say 0.75X or 0.8X and see if that works for you.

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      Is this an add-on lens? Or are you replacing the existing lens? If it is an add-on, the stack-up is placing the lens too far forward and you will get the vignetting because of that. One thing you can do short term until you buy a better one, is zoom in your camera until it has moved off screen. You may not get the full wide angle you were expecting but it will be more then without it.

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      yeah im talking about add-on lens..the ones found at evay..you know..

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