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      Any suggestions for a wide-angle HD camera? ($10,000 or under if possible). I assume it will have to be something with interchangeable lenses….something that can go to focal length equivalent of 20mm-ish on 35mm film.

      Would also like to record straight to digital format, not tape if possible. (eg. like the HVX200)

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      Sony EX3, Canon XL-H1 or H1s, or go with shoulder mounted cameras like the Panasonic HPX500 or Sony F335. I don’t think the Canon camcorder I mentioned records to any other media other than tape, but keep in mind that you can always connect a hard drive to it, such as FireStore or whatever it’s called.

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      If you want to be able to achieve shortDOF, which is crucial toimitating the look offilm, you might want to also consider getting a 35mm. adapter so that you can put a 35mm. lens on the camcorder. HVX200 and RedRock Micro Adapter makes such good looking video that I know of one that even fooled the guys at Warner Bro. Studio. They thought it had been shot on film. Check out http://www.redrockmicro.com and look at some of the sample footage. Amazing.


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      Yea, the RedRock is nice. Also look at the SGPro, Letus, and Brevis. My friend uses the SGPro and has very good results. I’ve heard the Letus is very good as well.

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      Check out the RED One too.

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