Wide Angle DCR-VX2100???

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      X-D Hi,
      I’m new to the forum and I’ve got to say "What an Informative/Awesome site!
      After intensive research, I decided to purchase the Sony DCR-VX2100.
      I have been looking at different wide angle lenses such as;
      1) Sony VCL-HG0758 58mm 0.7x High Grade Wide Angle Converter Lens
      2) Raynox HD-7000 Pro 58mm 0.7x High Quality Wide Angle Converter Lens
      3) Century Precision Optics DS-65CV-58 0.65x Wide Angle Converter Lens

      I’m having trouble in choosing which one to purchase for the following reasons;
      Both the Sony & Century Optics "will not" accept a filter.
      Raynox on the other hand, will accept a 82mm filter. In addition, there is a Heliopan 82mm Rubber Lens Hood "screw-In" that will accept a 82mm filter (found at http://www.bhphotovideo.com).
      I’m leaning towards the Raynox due to the hood option along with being able to use filters. I believe, as many people on the forum that Century Optics is the best choice due to their excellent glass. The only draw back is that it’s not threaded to accept a filter. Also I don’t know of any hoods that would attach to their wide and/or telephoto lenses. You would think that they would manufacture their lenses to accept a filter. I guess they’re aimed towards matte box users. Which as we know, could cost major $$.
      Does anybody know of a hood/filter that would work with Century Optics lenses?
      πŸ˜‰ Your advice & input would be most appreciated! Thanks, Ray

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      is the lense of vx2100 same type with sony VX2000?
      Please need your comment

      I do need Wide angle too, but totally blind with number of lense

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