Wide-angle attachments & mods

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Anyone try wide-angle attachments & mods like the one discussed here?


I'm thinking of getting one for my new Zi8 that's about to come soon. But I thought I'd post here to see what you all think?

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I'd guess they'd work the same way as they do on any video camera. How far do they zoom out?

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I have used both wide angle and telephoto adapters - both successfully. You don't have to spend a fortune however my experience has been with official branded Sony adapters on my Sony Handycam.

Just be aware if you're shooting in 16 X 9, you need an adapter that takes that into consideration, or you will crop parts of the screen when going wide.

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This video shows how I evaluate my Canon WIDE-CONVERTER
WD-H37II 0.7x Lens on my Canon HF11 Camcorder. The lens is screwed on top of a
37mm UV Filter already on to keep out dirt.