Wide-angle attachments & mods

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Anyone try wide-angle attachments & mods like the one discussed here?


I'm thinking of getting one for my new Zi8 that's about to come soon. But I thought I'd post here to see what you all think?

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I'd guess they'd work the same way as they do on any video camera. How far do they zoom out?

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I agree, I have two one a .50 ultra wide that will allow limited zooming but useful when I need a really wide shot and a .70 with the ability to zoom through the entire range of my lens which makes it flexible enough to leave it mounted to one of my cameras so its ready to use when I need it. Just make sure that you get one that is compatible with the image quality levels of your camera

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I have used both wide angle and telephoto adapters - both successfully. You don't have to spend a fortune however my experience has been with official branded Sony adapters on my Sony Handycam.

Just be aware if you're shooting in 16 X 9, you need an adapter that takes that into consideration, or you will crop parts of the screen when going wide.

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This video shows how I evaluate my Canon WIDE-CONVERTER
WD-H37II 0.7x Lens on my Canon HF11 Camcorder. The lens is screwed on top of a
37mm UV Filter already on to keep out dirt.