Wich ones better? SonyVX2100, PanasonicDVX100B Or CanonXL2

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      I’m a videographer from Indonesia and really need a others opinion about the 3 best seller cameras in my town. It’s SonyVX2100, Panasonic DVX100B and Canon XL2. I want to buy one of those cameras for producing wedding video, music video clip and a company profile.

      I also have my project edit by myself. I’ve been using Sony Vegas for several years and feel really comfort.

      Wich one of those three camera suitable for my project and my Sony Vegas ver.5? Wich one produce the most clear image?

      Thx for your attention guys..

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      The DVX and XL offer more manual options than the VX I believe, at least with image adjustments. But the VX is really good in low light situations…like the reception. I’d go with the DVX over the XL. I think the XL is a pain in the ass, and doesn’t really offer that much more even though it’s priced higher. If you want interchangeable lenses, then go with the XL, but if not, DVX is the way to go.

      So some things to think about are:

      Is low light an issue?

      Do you need interchangeable lenses?

      Do you mind lugging around a large camera like the XL?

      What about sound? The DVX and XL have XLR inputs, which with the VX, you’ll have to buy an adapter like the BeachTek thing.

      Do you want HD? You can shoot in HD and down convert to SD. It makes for really nice SD. Then you can offer HD videos and SD videos. That might open yourself up to more people. (neither of those 3 cameras shoot HD)

      Hopefully I was helpful, if not…feel free to ask more questions.

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      My advice is to go for the camera with XLR audio inputs. Recently I bought the VX 2100 with a Beachtek adaptor. I’m happy with the VX 2100 but disappointed with the Beachtek. The Beachtek is made to be used with two mics but the sound from one of the mics keeps dropping in and out. And then you can’t use a Dynamic mic with it. The level is extremely low. In short my experience with Beachteks is that they are good -for throwing away. Then the 1/8 miniaudio inputon the VX 2100 isn’t very robust. I am expecting trouble with it.As a pro you need XLR inputs.So I would say: buy the XL2. I have read that it is good in low light. It has XLR and it’s Canon. Don’t worry about the weight. I have never been a muscular guy and I used to run with an Arriflex 35, with a loaded 400 ft magazine! But, having said all that, instead of buying a standard def camera at this stage, why not jump into Hi Def? If you’re the serious videographer I think you are, you will have to go the Hi Def way, sooner or later.

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