Wich DV camera will provide best filmlook, PD170 VS XH A1 VS FX1?

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      Hello all,
      I’m from Indonesia and desperately want to make a film.
      I do a wedding video for living and have doing the business about 4 years, and get bored with a style and typical look of wedding video in my town.

      I really need help from anyone can guide me to get best filmlook with the only camera I can get in my town, and those are Panasonic HVX102b, Canon XL2, Canon XH A1, Sony PD170, Sony FX1, Sony VX 2100 and Sony Z1.

      I’ve been worked with for these years with Sony PD170 and transfered the video with firewire to my PC and edit it with vegas 7 with magicbullet plugin. And a friend told me that XH A1 will give more filmlook to my video. Is that true? I only use magicbullet plugin for several times and still not satisfy with the look of my video. And Vegas is the only software I can get. Someone told me transferred a video with firewire will drop the quality of the picture. Is that true? So how should I transfer my video to PC without compression. I use AMD Athlon X2, Nvidia 8800 GT, and 2 GB of RAM with firewire link, is that enough?

      Any suggestion and knowledge will make me very pleased.
      Thank you..

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      There are a lot of things you have to do to achieve a film look. One thing that I think is over rated and not completely necessary is 24p. So when you look into purchasing a new camera with “film look” in mind, look for a camera that offers that. Make sure the camera can natively shoot 24p though. I recently read somewhere that not all cameras natively record 24p even though the manufacturer says it records 24p. If you can’t find one that natively shoots 24p, then don’t sweat it. I feel it’s not a big deal. Shoot the standard 60i (30fps).

      Make sure your camera natively shoots 16:9 as well. A lot of cameras say they shoot 16:9, but it’s not native 16:9. What it’s doing is squeezing and distorting the image to achieve the 16:9 look…that degrades quality. So make sure the camera natively shoots 16:9.

      Next, look into getting a 35mm lens adapter. These allow you to attach lenses from 35mm SLR cameras. Using these types of lenses give you the shallow depth you see in films. I think this is more important that 24p. Some manufacturers of 35mm adapters are the Redrock M2, SGPro, and Letus35.

      You already have magic bullet. My friend uses that with great success, and if you use that properly, that will get you closer to the film look.

      When you’re shooting, use a dolly more often than zooming. Light your scenes with more shadows too. Basically, watch a movie with the sound off and do what they do.

      As far as firewire capturing…this does not degrade your video. DV and HDV have data streams of 25mbps, which can be handled by firewire without the need of compression. So, you’re friend is wrong.

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      Native 24p and 16:9 camera eh?

      I hope it’s not difficult to find

      Thanx you Rob.

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      Not just native 24p ad 16:9. Following through on just a few things I listed won’t give you too great of a film look.

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