Why you should use Royalty Free music

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With the advent of Vimeo, YouTube & others and wedding/event folks having their work put up on these venues by themselves and others, a new copyright lawsuit day has dawned:


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thanks Bruce, I just tweeted that article to my followers. Many prospects think I'm being anal when I say I can't/won't use 'their favourite song.' I also know I've lost one customer because of it but that's no big deal for me - as the interviewee of that article says, "they are not the right couple for us." Indeed if a prospect thinks their satisfaction is greater than your need to follow laws (and avoid $XX,XXX settlement lawsuits) they are indeed the wrong clientele.

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It's so difficult when your customer demands the latest pop chart song for the wedding production. You can find good royalty free music to fill most of the production, the incidentals but most people don't appreciate the legal side of things when it comes to copyright.

You can get limited availability licences from Video organisations such as the IOV which will enable you to place a copyrighted track onto a production



Royalty Free Music

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I think I know the dog that bit wedding videographers in the rump. At the last wedding I shot the photographer expressed his feelings to me about videographers encroaching on their turf. And I can tell you for 100% sure I have had runins from other wedding photographers. One (she was still in college at the time) was shooting a wedding I was filming. OK we got along great, but her teacher was instructing them about videographers hurting "their" business. She also told me that they were learning how to pursue having videogrpahers "removed". i do believe that the photographer world has turned on us videographers and have sunk their teeth into our pocket books. Makes perfect since, why pay a photographer when you can get basically both for 1 price from a videographer. So who let the dogs out, those 1 eyed photographers. (for any photographers that were offended by this post, you were offended because your consistence has convicted you.) But I do apologize if you took my comment personally.

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