Why so much noise in my video?

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      I know I am doing noobee mistakes here. I read about 3 pt lighting. I thought I could get a nice clean background by pushing me close to green screen and light wrapping around.

      Can some one point me to the tutorials that will help me get out of this preproduction hell?



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      Hi Dean,

      If you search “green screen” in the search field in the upper right corner of the website page, you will find a ton of info, tutorials and instruction on the subject. You might list what camera you are using and what you are editing with. Your noise could be from auto camera setting pushing gain to high if you are using auto camera settings. So there could be several causes that we wouldn’t be able to help with without further info.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Dean, what settings did you used in your camcorder? Like WSanford mentioned your noise could be from the camera auto settings. For Noise Canceling in post check Neat Video, although you probably going to have to record again because your videos has too much noise.

      For lighting a greenscreen check out this video I made

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      Wow, that’s truly awful! Whoo-boy, where to start? Okay, first off what kind of camera did you shoot that with? The compression’s hideous even for YouTube. I’m figuring you used a webcam from the look of it at the lowest setting. If not then my next guess would be a camcorder shooting in Standard Def. I agree with the other’s suspecting your use of full auto settings. Those are awful, if you can turn them off!

      Lastly, you’ve either got some serious Air Conditioner noise in that room or some other kind of machinery going. Again, if you can turn that stuff off while recording. You also need a secondary microphone to record your audio. That in-camera mic is terrible for anything other than reference audio. You’ll need a small shotgun mic or Lavalier mic to get cleaner sound.

      Prior to getting into tutorials, you need to workout your camera and sound issues first. Greenscreen work is a whole other animal that you will not tackle until you get the basics down.

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      Hey Dean,

      Like the others were saying, youdefinitelywant to try to get the cleanest video to start out with. If you can get an HD camera and an evenly lit backdrop you will save yourself so many headaches in the future. If your camera has either gain or ISO settings (in the case of a digital SLR camera), make sure you are using the lowest setting possible. This will reduce noise and help too. It will also reduce the amount of light getting to the sensor, so you may need to add some light to the scene.

      If you are in a small space and have the ability, a soft box light setup can help with shadows in a smaller space (or really, any kind of diffused non-direct lighting). Even shooting outdoors works for a lot of people doing green screen videos. I don’t have aspecificvideo tutorial to recommend, but there are a ton on youtube that can get you started in the right direction. Good luck with your production,

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