Why Should I Move to Premiere Pro?

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      I produce in-house training videos for a suburban D.C. Sheriff’s Office and am currently using Liquid Edition. It’s within our budgetto move to Premiere Pro however, we can optionally upgrade to Media Composer for a mere $500- compared to$1,800 for CS5 Production Premium. Of course CS5 PP comes bundled with lots of goodies so the true costs are probably about the same.

      Regardless, I’ve spent the last several years moving up the learning curve with Liquid so my one big questions iswhyshould wemoveto Premiere? What are the benefits? I was able to use Premiere for a few days during an editing class and found it to be very intuitive, but would we be sacrificing “power” by moving away from AVID?

      Thanks …

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      Anytime you decide to make a change, there should be a clear reason for doing so. For example, maybe people went from Avid to FCP for its affordability, which could also result in lower costs for clients. Or maybe some switch from FCP to Avid because Avid handles media better for very large projects.

      If you don’t see an obvious reason to change, if what you’re doing is still efficient and bring in cash, then don’t change.

      No one here can really tell you why to go with one program over another. Sure, we could list all this technical mumbo jumbo, but you’re the one behind the productions and you’re the only one who knows what tools are needed for the job

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      We all live within our comfort zones, I suspect. We reach that zone by necessity (finances) usually, over choice in many cases. Spending money to change platforms, programs or OS specs just because we can is not being budget minded, but that happens a lot and in most cases isn’t a crime πŸ˜‰

      On the other hand, as Rob alluded, most of us aren’t salespersons for any specific platform, though we’ve been known to speak loudly and boldly in defending our personal choices and rationalize very well about the whys, including costs, or lack thereof.

      I agree with Rob that there should be “a clear reason” for doing so, negating the need for anyone here to SELL a person on the idea of it. It is often optimum to stick with what you know unless you know it so well and are growing so advanced that you KNOW what you’re using is now limiting your growth and abilities.

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      Rob as always makes a good argument. I would say that it completely depends on your intended workflow. If it’s not about the money, get Media Composer as it will be familiar to you despite of the learning curve involving its advanced features. Then get CS5 to augment your workflow. You were going to need Phoshop and AFX to do advanced graphic and mographic work anyway and it’s cheaper to buy them in the bundle than separately. Or, just get CS5 alone. I’m a big Avid fan and work with it for a number of years. However, Premiere has ‘grown up’ quite nicely and is quite a pro NLE and with the support of Adobe’s powerhouse graphic and compositing programs (don’t forget flash and Encore) it’s a tough combo to beat for the money.

      It all depends on what you plan on doing. Are you making productions intended for broadcast or distribution on DVD or the internet? All of the above? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when deciding on what software you’re looking at. Determine your intended workflow and use that as a guide in helping your decision.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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