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Why should businesses choose video instead of other advertising?

Home Forums General Video and Film Discussion Why should businesses choose video instead of other advertising?

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    The magic and power of combining sight, sound, motion and emotion connects better than any other advertising vehicle. Any other comments?

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    I’d rather watch it than read it.

    Same thing… different wording.

    All businesses know this, some just don’t know they can afford great video.

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    Thanks Grinner. To your point regarding affording a great video, most businesses would realize that in most cases, video will provide a better advertising ROI. A great question to ask businesses is; if they consider advertising an investment or cost. There is usually a higher cost for not doing great advertising, which is lost market share. Without customers, we have no business. Even the most successful companies continue to advertise, since someone else is always trying to grab your market share.

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    Many are habitual. Look how many car ads you see on tv that cannot be afforded today. Why do they continue to pay for folks to pee, hit the fridge and tivo through their spots? Because their daddy advertised on tv. Seriously, that’s why. Evolving them to web advertising is like putting a computer mouse in my grandpa’s hand. It scares them. It’s ironic how many companies pretend and even advertise to lead the industry. Truth is they all wait for the other guy to make a move then they do it. When one follows, they simply can’t be the leader.

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