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      So im aamateurSkateboarder. and also consider myself a am Filmer/editer in my community. so pretty much i have a copy of CS5.5 includingpremierand After effects. ive tryed working with them both. i have used Power director 9 in the past, and own a copy of it. is it really worth the frustration and the lag/crashing on my pc? i mean im down to use after effects for some clips to get the ramped slowmo and other effects. but is it worth the extra hair pulling to work with Premier? also i found PD9 to work very well for me. but i decided to attempt to work with a more “professional” software since i just upgraded my camera to a T2i.



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      Hi John

      I think you may be suffering from an underpowered computer. There is no doubt that Premier and After effects CS5 are computer intensive. Dual or quad processors and a 64 bit operating system minimum, and while the specifications suggest 2GB of RAM, my system only ran reliably (zero crashes) after Iinstalled8GB.

      As for the programme itself, (Premier Pro CS5.5) you can learn it bit by bit and only need to learn the basics to start then grow into it. I have a 15 year old granddaughter who’s total editing experience was Windows Movie maker and after about 2 hours in front of my workstation, with noassistance from me, using CS5.5 got into the final 10 in a Nationalvideocompetition.

      It’s worth the effort!

      Cheers Ian

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      i understand the UP comp. im reinstalling on a much powerful computer in a few weeks. but i just want to know what would benifit me to put the clips in order in premier vs. pd9. im not doing anything amazing with it. i just want to make my skate vids a tad better. but i dont think output quality is program based completly. i htink i can do just as good a job on either program im just trying to figure out why i should put out extra effort to use Premier opposed to a few others including ones i allready own.

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      The true benefit of Premiere is the Dynamic linking feature. Say you have a comp that you want to make some changes to in After Effects, you open up After Effects and bring in the composition you want to modify. Once you make the changes and save accordingly you will not have to render the footage to use it. It will automatically update on that comp. The same goes with Photoshop and Illustrator files in a Premiere project. You will lose less quality with dynamic linking than rendering files and then importing them into a project.

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      John, I definitely think it is worth putting in the effort to learn Premier. I am currently teaching myself to use it and it is a great program. Like Charles has said it works so well in tandem with the other programs in Creative Suite when you use the dynamic link option. It is actually part of a very powerful suite and comes packaged with On Location, which allows you to hook your camera up to your pc or laptop and record directly to your hard drive as well as adjust the look of the shoot on the fly. It also comes with Encore which is a program for creating DVDs. You can use dynamic link to bring your clip into Encore to add menus and such for you DVD and because the both programs are using the same clip any changes you make in one will automatically update in the other. I have tried a few different programs but Premier Pro is much better than anything else that I have tried.

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      Question about OnLocation – and sorry if this is a mini hijack – but does this record uncompressed raw signals from video cameras – or at least with much less compression than the camera uses on its own? Much like the Atomos Ninja?

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      dynamic linking is actually the one thing that drew me to adobe. because im working on bigger multi parts. where i would like to upload full and individual parts.

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      It doesn’t affect how the camera records but it eliminates the memory card with it’s slow data transfer rates and any compression that may be added by the card. Add to that the extra storage space offered by a HDD especially if you are recording a lot of footage.

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