Why is my clip exporting so dark??

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      I made a clip with premiere pro2. The clip is so dark! I have never had this problem but it IS the first time I was using top quality HD footage. Not sure this should be the cause. I expoted the 3 minute clip to wmv format, reducing the quality for upload but if you will take a look, mostly in the last 2 minutes at the dancing, it is so dark (some places in the dancing, you can see frames that the sides are all black!) and when I look at it on the premiere pro, it’s so bright and normal, and there doesn’t seem to be any color problem!

      Here’s the clip:

      What could be wrong?

      Thank you

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      Actually, it’s a 3 person crew. The crane is handled by one man who is one of the top professionals in Israel for handling cameras on cranes. I don’t film yet. I just started working at the place and I do editing. They will be training me to film too so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to work it too! 🙂

      People are telling me that the clip looks ok… I must check it on a different screen.

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