Why does Videomaker allow Broadway to advertise every month?

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      Been looking for a camera – and have checked out Broadway Photos ( http://bwayphotos.com ), who advertises in Videomaker. If I go to http://resellerratings.com, Broadway gets a .38 rating.

      Then there are links of BroadwayPhotos to A&MPhoto.com – and the two web pages are almost identical. A&M gets a .62 rating.

      Both of these ratings are low.

      Then I check out B&H Photo (http://bhphoto.com ) – It gets a rating of 8.93 – which is very high.

      After reading the comments made by users on the reseller site – my question to Videomaker is WHY do you allow Broadway photos to advertise in your magazine ? Don’t you know how bad of a reputation they have ? Is this really a service to your customers to keep their ads ?

      just curious.

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      A little over a year ago, I stumbled upon B&H when looking for a miniDV camcorder, and I’m glad I did.

      I had originally ordered the camcorder from a different online store from whom my wife had ordered a digital still camera for me, with very good service at the time. (I won’t mention the name of the company here.) But when I ordered the camcorder, it was a horrible experience. I waited a while to get shipping conformation which never came. Also, when I went back to their web site to take another look at the camcorder specs, the camcorder had mysteriously vanished from their list of models. This led me to believe the camcorder was either not in stock as it was originally indicated to be, or had just dropped from their available models altogether. In either case, I heard nothing from them about it.

      There were plenty of links online to PLACE a new order, but NO links online to CANCEL an order. Then I called customer service, only to get repeated recordings that said no agents were available. Then I called the number to place an order, hoping I could get the agent to cancel the order for me. Of course when I called the order placement number, someone answered immediately. When I said I wanted to cancel an order, I was transferred – you guessed it – to customer service where I got a recording that said no agents were available.

      I called the order placement number again, an agent answered immediately, and I said, “I want to cancel an order, but please…” but before I could say “don’t transfer me”, I was transferred to customer service where – you guessed again – I got a recording that said no agents were available.

      I found B&H Photo from a listing on PriceGrabber, I believe it was. I called them, and not only did they have the camera in stock, they shipped it that same day at my request. I placed the order mid afternoon, so I thought this was excellent customer service. The price was just a tad higher than the original “No Agents Are Available Except To Take Your Order And Not Notify You We Don’t Have Your Camera” company.

      I just got my first issue of Videomaker, and I’m glad to see B&H is in there.

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      Broadway Photo ought to be investigated by the state attorny general of whatever state they are doing business from.
      B&H on the other hand is great. Once I ordered a video lighting kit from them before doing my homework. The kit I bought was a pretty cheap beginners kit and I wasn’t really happy with it. I called B&H and the sales rep educated me and gave me advice on the right lighting kit for me. He said FexEx would come and pick up the cheap kit from my house no charge. He even gave me a discount on the kit he sold me. It’s the Lowell Tota kit with two lights and a bunch of other stuff. I’ve used the heck outta it over the years and it is fantastic.
      Stick with B&H.

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      Is Digital Liquidators good? Videomaker has ads for them every month.

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      Thanks. I admit their low prices interest me, but I don’t really want to take chances and get screwed over.

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      Warren Wagner Wrote:

      Is Digital Liquidators good? Videomaker has ads for them every month.

      I just bought a Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder. MSRP: $3940. B&H: $3200. Broadway: $2300.
      Of course I bought from B&H.
      Sorry, I don’t know anything about Digital Liquidators either.

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      Hey Videomaker community,

      Thanks for letting us know about some of your equipment purchasing experiences. We do listen to you and take this feedback seriously, investigate each occurrence and take stern measures when necessary.

      Please keep the concerns coming (compliments accepted as well).

      Thanks, Morgan
      Tech Editor

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