Why does Media Studio Pro get little or no attention?

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      I have used many of the Editing programs available to include Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Vegas, and Studio. I can’t afford the cost of FCP at home, so I use Ulead’s Media Studio Pro, and have found that I can do just about anything with it that I can do with any other program and sometimes more, at less than half the cost of FCP or Premiere. I find it easier to learn and easier to teach others how to use it, than any other program.

      So, my question is, Why isn’t it more popular???

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      The reason that it is easy to learn and teach is because it is meant to be that way. It is meant for hobby editors not pros. You can not do everything on a ulead program that you can on Premiere Pro, Avid or FCP. It’s just not made for pro use. But alot of hobby editors do use it. It’s cheap and gets the job done for simple things. If that is all you need to do than I’m sure it’s great software.

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