why do i get these weird effects?

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      shot on sony hxr-mc50p, edited on sony vegas pro11

      why these weird effects on hands?


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      Sometimes happens when you render interlaced footage to progressive footage, especially if you crop/zoom it a bit.

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      yep, doublehamm’s right, that’s the old “sawtooth” caused by interlacing. Try to output to settings that match your source footage. I used to have that problem from time to time with my AVCHD 60i footage, but for whatever reason I haven’t had that issue in some time. Not sure what I do differently, other than maybe just exporting to the default settings in my software.

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      Your Using a HD camcorder. HD camcorders are terrible with motion in the video being shot. HD camcorders interpolate the video. That is thing when you shoot with a HD camcorder.

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      I have tried different rendering options and deinterlace options in vegas pro, but with no success. even tried some converters.

      any suggestions. thanks

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      Hi Christine

      Have you managed to resolve your artefacting issues yet?

      If not, please provide some more info, such as:

      1. the source format and resolution
      2. whether the artefacts are present in the source or only after editing and rendering
      3. the desired output format and resolution
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      The original file:

      AVCHD 1920×1080
      File format – m2ts

      then i pulled this file into vegas pro 11

      edited the file – did not see weird effects on this file

      rendered in avi 720/576

      pulled this file into vegas.

      saw the funny effect.

      hope this helps?


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      Hi Christine

      Sorry I missed your response and only picked up on it now. I take it your original file is 50i. I also take it you rendered to 720×576 progressive? This, as mentioned by most of the other posters above, is most likely the reason for the artefacting. Depending on the desired application of the final product, you should try to retain the interlaced format if possible. If, however, this is for viewing via the Internet or on a computer screen, it is advisable to convert it to progressive.

      Try selecting a few seconds of the original file where the artefacting is most evident after editing and render that to 25p in the same resolution as the original. Are you still experiencing artefacting? While any rendering is an additional step that will obviously affect the quality in some way, I usually find that performing interlaced to progressive conversion before any other editing helps to minimise artefacts. Should this process remove or at least reduce your artefacts substantially, it is quite easy to substitute it for your original file. Then at least all you have to do is render and you won’t have to perform all your editing again from scratch.

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