why aren’t music videos like this anymore

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      sooo good!

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      partly becuause he plagerized the music from Huey Lewis and the News, “I want a new drug”?????

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      nah man, i don’t care about the music. Just the video – what has been shot.

      Maybe it’s just me, but music videos seem boring today. When Kanye West jumped onto the stage at the VMAs and said Beyonce should have won the Best Video award, I couldn’t understand why. She’s just dancing in front of a white background with two other chicks.

      “I’m On A Boat” should have won best video, lol

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      The answer is views. Back when that video was made, there were networks that played nothing but music videos and they were in demand. Today, music videos are made for yourube and get a fraction of the views a music video use to. For this reason, productin value went from big productins like little movies to small productions like a quick viral clip. When I worked for CMT, it was very seldom that I’d spend more than a day editing a music video. The formula is old and basic. Performance shot, a few shots acting out a cliche story line, sad performer, repeat. Shot in a day, posted in a day.

      Thriller isn’t still famous because it was so awesome… just awesome compaired to what followed and what was before it. lol

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