Why are some AMATEUR videos crystal clear and others really bad quality?

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      This is a question for devoutly religous right wingers who sleep with a Bible under their pillow, Internet video fans who lust after adult entertainment videos, and those who know their way around a video camera:

      Some videos on the Internet that were made by amateur videographers have great clarity, a diamond-like quality to them, or even when not in high definition you wouldn’t know it because they’re crystal clear. Others are bad videos, and look like they were shot with a dirty lens. Lets say we have two totally different videos that are hosted on the same exact web site. One is crystal clear like mountain air and the other other is so bad a quality you run to hit the back button on your web browser so you can move on to the next video. In the scenario I just gave, why is one video an eye-pleasing, user-friendly, picture-friendly winner and the other a loser?

      Why did the bad video turn out bad?

      Remember this question pertains to videographers who are amateur (regular people like you and me) using the latest video camera out on the market as opposed to pros who work for movie studios.


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm5aGhrzrVk&playnext_from=TL&videos=4xAzQkPjNOIEXAMPLE OF BAD CLARITY:

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      I would say difference in camera Final output etc… The Motocross camera was better don’t know Just a shot at this

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      I wonder if this is like asking ‘Why is that computer slow?’ or ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’ or ‘Is there a God or not?” in that there are MANY variables for the analyst to ponder. Or is this question simplistic in that there’s a pretty good single answer to it as if asking how do you shoot a gun? Simple, point gun at target, aim at target, and then pull the trigger. I don’t know. I’m asking this question as I hope to someday shoot a lot of amateur videos.

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      No ‘Divine Mystery’ involved. It all comes down to the camera, compression settings and what you think is ‘crystal-diamond-like’ quality. Actually both videos look like poop. Typical of ‘ammy’ video only the auto settings were used to record the videos. So you get washed out video outside in the snow and ‘double d’ dark video inside and focus shifting in and out. The one you say is ‘crystal clear’ isn’t. It’s soft from heavy compression, but because it was shot a bit better than the first, there’s more color and slightly more detail. Video on the ‘Tube often looks like ‘monkey butt’ because most people who upload are just ‘point ‘n shooters’ who don’t know how to improve the look of their videos. Combine that with the heavy compression the ‘Tube puts on the vid, that makes it much worse.

      Video Hosting sites like Vimeo and Veoh give you much better compression settings when you upload to their sites. And you don’t need a ‘bohonkin” pro camera rig to get good looking video. Also, it helps to prep your vids in an NLE software program like Movie Studio, FCE or something similar to put some more color and detail information (this stuff is all 1’s and 0’s) into your vid so when it comes time to compress it for uploading, there will be enough info for it to still look good.

      Here’s a how to vid on monopod and tripod use from Jan Van Der Meer. He uses happy cams and inexpensive gear with the know-how of a pro. There’s no reason you couldn’t do the same with a little research and some tweaks to your existing gear.

      TIPS lightweight tripods with small cams. from Jan van der Meer on Vimeo.

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      SloppyJoe, I’d add one thing to composite1’s thorough analysis: proper lighting goes a long way. For simpler stuff like what you posted above, the more light the better.

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      A lot of calls regarding a video’s quality or lack thereof is highly subjective as well.

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      Grinner Hester

      I always loved the term “broadcast quality”

      what the heck does that mean? AFV has broadcasted 3rd generation vhs shakycamfor two freakin’ decades.

      Sloppyjoe you are just seeing differences in cameras, lighting, and the file they exported from their NLE.

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