Why are my illustrator titles blurry on my T.V.???

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      Avatarsurf turkey

      Hello everyone. I’m new to the website and have found sooo much useful information on theforumssection. Every time I have a problem I’m always relieved to find a solution here! Well this time Icouldn’tfind an awnser and was looking for a little help..

      I work for a skateboard company doing filming and video editing. I’m normally busy with skate video editing for web or dvd. Using Illustrator files fortitlesthat normally fade in and outon top of my video while it plays. They always look fine on the web or on dvd’s and t.v.’s..

      But now they got me working on this sales video for all there sales representatives. It’s just footage of people talking and giving information in front of the camera. And while they talk I fade in and out Illustrator (vector) files that pinpoint whatthey aretalking about. Just a whitebackgroundwith black text..

      But for some reason most of the smaller sized text and some pictures are blurry or fuzzy looking on the T.V. after I put it to DVD. Also when I watch it from my camera.

      Anyone have any words of wisdom??? Or maybe just something simple I’m missing. I thought Vector files always looked good if you import them straight from Illustrator into Final Cut Pro? Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks – Surf Turkey

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      Of the things that come to mind the two that stand out are:

      Are you using Open Type fonts? These are compatible with Mac & PC systems but sometimes when you go to the ‘upmteenthousand free font’ site you get some fonts that aren’t 100% up to specs for video.

      Are you using Illustrator’s templates for vector type intended for video? These take the guess work out of prepping your text. Also, you may be looking at your text on an interlaced monitor. Remember computer screens and LCD displays are mostly progressive scan. If you’re looking at materials not prepped for interlaced video on an interlaced monitor (i.e. tv or camera) you’re going to see blurry text.

      If you can view the work on an LCD TV, you should be able to determine if it’s a progressive scan issue or not. Also, like I mentioned it may be you used a cheapo font so I’d check how other fonts in your kit look as well.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      create and render your graphics uncompressed and ensure you monitor at least componant.

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      Avatarsurf turkey

      cool guys! thanks for the help.. i’m semi new to illustrator and ididn’tsee or know where to find anillustratortemplate for video vector type. how do i select one?

      and also… my titles look pretty good on tv.. just a little bit blurry barley(wish they were crystal clear). but if i put a de-interlace filter on my titles they will look better on something like a computer screen? i always wondered that.

      thanks again! – surf turkey

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      no, don’t put a deinterlace filter on your graphics. In Photoshop, the deinterlace filter is for deleting black lines and replacing them with interpolated data. This is used when you export a still image from interlaced video and want to use that image is a graphic or something.

      I’d suspect that is how it would work in Illustrator, although I’ve never seen that filter in that program.

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