Who’d thought 16:9 would feel so different

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      I have used a video camera since I was a kid and only now have I used a HiDef camera. I have in the past for reasons of being creative tilted the camera. Ever since I bought this cheap but wonderful little Everio from JVC I have felt the urge to rotate the camera 90 degrees for a complete head to toe shot. I have to stop and remind myself that this is a moving pictureand I can’t expect my viewer to rotate their 42″ screen or tilt their heads to one side. This is a landscape- not a portrait kind of deal. Is it just me or has anyone else felt this unussual urge. It maybe this camera or the wide ratio perspective but I feel as though I need a wide angle lense. I’ve heard that16:9 takes a little getting used to but I have never read about or heard anyone say they feel this urge to rotate the camera for a portrait view.

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      No, I actually hate when people turn their video cameras sideways. I think it’s annoying and I’d like to smack those people over their head and ask them what the hell they’re thinking. Keep resisting your urge.

      I would assume rotating your image in post wont work to well either….

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      One good thing about 16:9 HD TV is that it will most likely be viewed on a 16:9 Plasma or LCD panel and the viewer will see the entire frame. Yes at last overscanning, which created the need for the “safe area” we had to allow for on a tube TVis a thing of the past.

      This gives the videographer a much greater scope to be creative by getting inthere with close up shots, without the fear of producing severly cropped images as may be the case if you get too close on a 4:3 image and a tube TV.

      When changing from standard aspect to wide screen, especially where the image is mainly interview or talking heads,be creative and use the extra aspect with close up insertor cut away shots, or over the shoulder shots, all of whichcan be done more effectively in 16:9 than in the 4:3 format, especially when previously limitedby the “safe” area. You still need to apply the rule of thirds,but ensure that your talent is at least partially facing towards the centre of the image or balanced by some object or action on the other side.

      Let those creative juices flow and enjoy the new medium.


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